KnuckleKings Photoshooting #1

2. May 2018

We want to show you a bit of our life-stale, how we grew up and what we were doing – what we are trying to do today.
Of course the first photo shoot is from sk8park, which is located in Ruzomberok [RK]. At our young age
we rode mostly on the road because there was no other choice. There was barely one SK8park in the vicinity and
we just did not have the funds to go there every day. There was even no money for the equipment we needed to ride.
On this day, when we saw young people with talent but without sponsoring for the necessary equipment, was no other than that.

So we gathered for this photo shoot – all the people that put their hand to work.
Robo Suja [SK8] – in collaboration with his creative crew SEDUCO, we created the KnuckleKings webpage.
Rado Kapralčík [PHOTO] Kapor is our head photographer and video producer rkkphoto.
Peter Hančiak [IN-LINE] I am the founder of the brand, I am in charge of production and sale..
Tomáš Ferenčík [BMX] 19-year-old young man from Ruzomberok, whom we watched during his routine ride.
We liked him so we asked him if he was willing to ride his tricks for a photo shoot and a short ad. “FERO ” performed a very clean and stylish ride and
the difficulty of tricks was high. Among the tricks that he did at his first try belong 360, 540, 720, Tailwhip, bar-spin, no hands and many more.
Yet, he faces the same problem as we did and that is no sponsorship. As the show of our appreciation we gave him a
T-shirt biglogo I’M NEW and black snapback BLACK & WHITE, plus expect a short video from his ride.
We managed to capture beautiful photos with the sunset and for a moment we returned to the time we were like this.
But today even the tricks are not as they used to be.
PS: All tricks were completed.